5 factors for Retail Space in Greater Noida

Everyone wants to have a retail shop in a prime location with a price that perfectly fits the pocket. Isn’t this interesting? Then it must be the best deal you are looking for. But before buying this there are some factors that require your utmost attention. After all, the better the choice of the place, the better your market will be and businesses can only run on a better canvas of market. Right decisions require right thinking. But before going ahead with your thought process, first consider these points.

  • Accessible location: The first and foremost thing for any business is the location. The more accessible the location, the more customers you will be able to have. Also it is important to have the shop where there is a large footfall. Check out some exemplary retail/shop space in Greater Noida exclusively at Also check whether the location has proper transport facility, and whether the place is easily accessible to the general public. Having quality products but in an isolated market will give no returns.
  • Ready to move- in: The best retail shops are the ones that are ready to move in or the Developer gives timely delivery, because one is not trapped in the hassle of waiting to start the business. So it is better to check before whether the location or the site is offering ready to move or timely delivery of the shop. Look for the retail/shop space in Greater Noida only at
  • Lease terms: If you are planning to take a shop especially retail shops in Greater Noida on Lease then decide whether you want to go for short term lease or long term lease. It is generally advisable to give a good thought to the option of leasing before finalizing and investing. Also weigh down all the pros and cons of short term leases and long term leases.
  • Infrastructure: Before buying or investing, check the infrastructure properly. Even if you are thinking of investing in an under construction building, then make sure that there should not be any sort of issues with the quality of construction.
  • Traffic: These days’ traffic and even parking has become a really big issue. So before investing, check whether the location has high intensity of traffic or not, whether there is parking space or not, etc? Look for hassle free roads in Greater Noida at iThums Galleria.

These are few factors that need to be considered before buying/leasing your favourite retail space. Look for amazing retail spaces in Greater Noida, spaces near to the metro station, airport, hospital, residences, offices etc. This project in Greater Noida is located in one of the finest commercial hubs and is being constructed on a 3 side open plot  with good connectivity to public transports making it highly accessible. Choose wisely as this is a one time investment.

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